Alliance Française Aix-Marseille Provence
Alliance Française Aix-Marseille Provence


» 130 ans : concert exceptionnel au Conservatoire Darius Milhaud d'Aix-en-Provence

Créée en 1889 à l’initiative de la Chambre de Commerce de Marseille et soutenue par quelques 400 notabilités de la ville, l’association concentre alors ses efforts sur la création d’écoles de langue française à l'étranger.Aujourd’hui,…

» The French course for interpreters begins today

Five Chinese and three Cuban women, who were sent to us by the European Commission, have just arrived at the Alliance Française today, November 12, 2018. We are happy and proud to welcome them! They will improve in French, but first of all, Nicole Larger takes them for a discovery in French of the city of Marseille. On the…

» Take the TCF CANADA in Marseille!

  You wish to emigrate to Canada for economic reasons, or to apply for citizenship. In order to achieve this goal,  you can take the French exam at the Alliance Française Aix-Marseille Provence (Marseille site) on the same dates as the TCF Quebec   IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada)…

» New beginners' french course

It's a new day....  The french intensive french course starts on 2019 january the 14h.  Register now! More info!

» New TCF sessions to test your level in French

Want to know your level of French? Take the test! The Alliance Française Aix-Marseille Provence is an approved center for the transfer of the TCF all versions. Come and take the assessment to obtain a certificate that determines your level according to the Common European Framework of Reference. The levels evaluated…

» The European Commission puts their trust in us

8 interpreters, including 6 Chinese and 2 Cuban were sent to us by the Interpretation Directorate (Interinstitutional Relations and International Cooperation).  They come to study French in France at a very high level and perfect their sociolinguistic skills.   We are proud to welcome these European officials for a…

» Ghaneans chose us for our teacher training program

L'Alliance Française Aix-Marseille Provence is glad to have welcome, thanks to Julie Fournier, "Attachée de Coopération Pour le Français" 8 Ghanean teaches , from the 22nd to the 31st october octobre 2018, for a tailor made teacher training in french langugage teaching Contents were mainly…

» New evening course : 30 Oct. (level A2/B1)

Come and practice your french language in the evening.  This evening french course is designed for elementary levels who target an intermediary level (A2/B1) These evening french lessons start on the 30th of october.  It will take place every tuesday 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm More info   Register now!!!

» Take a french start!

Take a french start with the Alliance Française and learn the french language from sratch!!!! THis a real beginners' class! And it starts on the 5th of november. Take your chance on french.  Super intensif french course from monday to friday 1:15 pm to 5:15 pm   Register later? NO! Register  -N-O-W- !!!

» Why Australians choose Marseille for their language study vacation

Saint Vincent High School from Sydney en Australie have chosen the Alliance Française Aix Marseille Provence for their language study vacation. 12 teenagers learn french in a playful fashion. Thanks to our active method, they have fun leaning. One of our many games the "communicative race" appeals to thei competitiveness to…

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