Alliance Française Aix-Marseille Provence
Alliance Française Aix-Marseille Provence

Improvement courses for teachers of French as a foreign language (FLE)

Thanks to its success, the "teacher training course" is now a must for teachers and future teachers of FLE who wish to improve their skills in their most authentic and concrete dimensions. 

Our Educational Manager takes into account the needs and expectations of all participants in order to offer an appropriate combination of the modules below. The training alternates moments of experimentation and pedagogical reflections allowing the activities to be adapted to your teaching context.

Dates of the next training


The Alliance Française Aix-Marseille Provence innovates and offers you its first online "teacher training course".

A new formula in 15h/week, twice a day, for teachers and/or future teachers of FLE who wish to hone their skills in their most authentic and concrete dimensions.

The theme of online teaching will be addressed in the different modules of this course. Reserve your place now!


From 4th to 7th of May (online)

From 3rd to 7th of August 2020 (online)

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For your information : This course will focus only on pedagogy modules. It is therefore strongly recommended to combine the training: Language training C1 and C2 - from the 23rd to the 27th April in Marseille.

Possibility of accommodation on request

For more information or organization with dates and personalized training, contact us:
PIC number ( Erasmus+) = 94 14 24 24 189


Teacher training modules

Teaching French today
How to develop a course and lead a language class?
New trends in pedagogy. Teaching and learning strategies.
Classroom techniques.

Glossary and writing games
How to make people want to write and progress in writing?
From reception to production: reading strategies, writing games, classroom activities based on various documents.

Reading and writing
How can we promote access to the senses and stimulate the desire to read and write? Reading strategies. Literary news. Classroom activities.

Fun and communicative grammar
How to learn grammar in a lively and motivating way? Active discovery process, oral and written activities using a variety of media. (songs, poems, sketches, advertisements...)

Games to talk about
How to promote interaction, develop fluidity and spontaneity? Phonetic games, theatre games, reflections and pedagogy of oral production.

For a complete improvement

Improve your French to a very high level! (C1, C2) : Language training C1/C2

Observe one or more classes under our supervision: Guided pedagogical observations

Take stock of your professional know-how and benefit from individual support for your project: orientation interview and professional assessment

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