Alliance Française Aix-Marseille Provence
Alliance Française Aix-Marseille Provence

French Courses for Au Pair

Come and learn French: acquire both written and oral communication skills, learn to understand and to speak French.

Group lessons : maximum 17 students
Level :
A1, A2, B1, B2, C1
Duration :
16 hours per week

Our French courses for Au pair have a preferential tariff. To benefit for it, we will need a copy of your Au pair contract signed with your family, and a copy of your passport and visa.

When you register, please take a placement test. It will be followed by an oral interview in which we will identify your needs and goals. 



To confirm your registration, we will need a 720 € deposit (last term)

au Pair girl

Term 1 : 900€ / Term 2 : 720€ / Term 3 : 720€

(deposit 720€ = last term)

registration per month : 90€/week


Registration fees, E-learning platform access and pedagogical material : 75€

Term 1: from the 6th of September to the 17th of December 2021 / Term 2: from the 10th of January  to the 1st of April 2022 / Term 3: from the 4th of April to the 24th of June 2022

1 school year : 39 weeks (close from 17/12/2021 to 10/01/2022)



Our approach is founded on learning French by tasks defined by The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and takes place in a cross-cultural dimension. Using authentic material our method is based on observation, thought and reasoning followed–up by a communicative task using the grammar and vocabulary dealt with in the lesson.

A cultural and intercultural dimension is an important part of our lessons using authentic documents often linked to the regional culture, class projects on language and French culture in general (Francophonie week, taste week etc).

Cours de français sur méthode



For an optimal follow-up you will have a personal record book. It comprises the work carried out during the lesson, corrected work, self-assessments and the end of course report. At any time, you can make an appointment with the Pedagogic Manager to have a language appraisal. In case of difficulty, extra help is available.

The assessment occurs several times during the course and there is constant communication with the pedagogic tutor. All along the learning process you will carry out assessments of your language aptitude in the form of self-assessment or end of course tests.

At the end of the training, an evaluation of the four skills measures the progress made and grades the level reached according to the European Framework. . At the end of the course a level certificate is awarded to each student.



The Alliance Aix-Française Marseille is an examination centre for the TCF and the DELF/DALF exam, you therefore have the possibility to take the TCF exam every month, and several times a year for the DELF/DALF.

To valorise your French skills whether for personal, professional or for the university you can take the DELF/DALF and TCF exams.  

To know more click here.

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